Role(s): Programmer, designer, composer
Team: one-person-machine
Project time: 8 weeks on-the-side
Platform: PC
Engine: Unity
Languages: C#
  • First ever game project
  • Implmented and created all of the game asset, code and music.

Code samples from project

X,Y,Z is an abstract matrix-based tower defence game. It gives a twist to the tower defence formula by adding a third dimension. This creates a game that feels both familiar and fresh, that will surprise and delight both old and new players of the genre.

This was my first game project ever. I develop this over several months learning a lot about game programming and development along the way. I used this game as my work sample when applying to Future Games. When I look at it now, I see how far I developed since then, but I’m still proud of what I accomplished all the way back, at the start.