Valhalla Racing

Role(s): Programmer,
team leader
Team: 9 people
Project time: 10 weeks
Platform: PC
Engine: Unity
Languages: C#
  • Lead the team trough poroduction as team leader and scrum master
  • Worked as the sole-programmer and implemented all code.

Code samples from project

Valhalla Racing is a multi-player kart racing game featuring interactive levels that twist, turn, and produce awesome hazards, in a modernized viking setting. Players must embrace the chaos of environmental changes,  interact with the environment to pave the way for shortcuts, close off roads, and sabotage for their opponents all while avoiding dangerous hazards.

This was the biggest and longest game project at Future games. What I remember most vivid is figuring out the car physics and iterating on it together with the game and level designers. It took many tries and iterations to get the right feeling in the curves and while drifting. The camera system was also very inspiring to implement. We aimed for a camera that emphasize the speed and the drifting of the karts.

Download game (PC)