Toca Mystery House

Role(s): Programmer
Team: 7 people
Project time: 5 months
Platform: iOS & Android
Engine: Unity
Languages: C#, Cg/HLSL
  • Supported senior programmers in varius tasks.
  • Implement gameplay features
  • Fixed bugs and optimisations
  • Character animation and behavior

Toca mystery house is a horror themed exploration game for kids. In the game the players explore a scary house filled with monsters, secrets and strange things. Four distinct house guest each occupy a room in the game along side its own mini-game and game mechanics.

You never forget your first “real” game project and this was mine. I was a gameplay programmer intern for the entire duration of this project. I helped implement various gameplay system in conjunction with two other programmers. What I’m most proud of is the elevator in the game. Me and a 3D artist did all the design and implementations of the feature by ourselves. This is the project I’m most proud of. The number of things I learned was incredible and I could feel myself getting more skilled by the day.

Also, kick-ass music!