Toca Kitchen Sushi

Role(s): Programmer
Team: 8 people
Project time: 6 months
Platform: iOS & Android
Engine: Unity
Languages: C#, Cg/HLSL
  • Implmenent major features in the game, like the wrapping table.
  • Character and animation programmering
  • Implemented a taste preference system for the characters based in the ingredients that the player used.

Toca Kitchen Sushi is the critically acclaimed sequel to Toca Kitchen 2. In the game the players prepare sushi and other diches to three distinct customers each with their own favorite and least favorite ingredients.

My second professional project. It was a big hectic development but it turned out great! I was responsible to design and implement the sushi rolling station in the game which was fun since it was such an important core-feature of the game. It took some time to get the dynamic mesh-deformation of the nori sheets to work properly but in the end, I think it was all worth it. I also worked on implementing all the animations and animation system in the game, including the taste preference system.

The overwhelmingly positive response from both players and reviews have been one of the best moments in my professional career.

This game was features both in the Guardian and Eurogamer and was very well received.

Best of all, because this is sushi, is the wrapping table

Christian Donlan – Eurogamer