Toca Hair Salon 4

Role(s): Programmer
Team: 7 people
Project time: 13 months
Platform: iOS & Android
Engine: Unity
Languages: C#, Cg/HLSL
  • Implmenent major features in the game, like the make-up and saving system
  • Character and animation programmering
  • Implemented the in-app store and in-app purchase system

Toca Hair Salon 4 is the follow up to the incredibly successfull Toca Hair Salon 3. In the game the players can style the hair, create incredible make-up and select cool outfits and accessories to a wide veriety of diverse characters.

In this project I took on a lot of responsibilities. Together with our play designer I prototyped, tesed and implemened the game biggest new feature, the make-up. It was a lot of pressure but also a lot of fun and in the end we got a dynamic system  that is both easy to use but also have deapth that allows players to be expressive and creative.

I also worked on a lot of supprot sytem like saving, the in-app store and purchase system. It was very rewarding to be able to add long awaited featrues like that!

The game is free to download, so feel free to test it out!