Svavelvinter is a swedish fantasy tabletop role-playing game based on the fantasy books by Erik Granström published by Fria ligan (Free league Publishing.

I have been involved as a tester and writer for the game.

Published works where I’ve been credited:

  • Svavelvinter – rollspelet,
    Fria ligan 2012 –  Game tester
  • Tramenze – Intrigernas flod,
    Fria ligan, 2012 –  Game tester
  • Tricilve – Lojalisternas tid,
    Fria ligan, 2013 – Game tester
  • Svavelvinter – Världsboken,
    Fria ligan 2014 – Writer, Game tester
  • Vävens väktare,
    Fenix #5, 2016 – Main writer, Game tester

2017 I won second prize for best role-playing scenario published in the game magazine “Fenix” during 2016. Download the adventure on project Alexandria

“Vävens väktare” (“Guardians of the Fabric”) in Fenix #5 2016
Silver award for best adventure in Fenix 2016