Project Dino

Role(s): Programmer, designer
Team: one-person-machine
Project time: 2 weeks
Platform: PC, Android, WebGL
Engine: Unity
Languages: C#, Cg/HLSL
  • Implemented curvagure with vertex shaders

Code samples from project

Project Dino is a short musical game where you play an angry dinosaur that kick down birds’ nest from tries as a retaliation for them pooping on him.

I made this game as a small side project during two weeks. I wanted to test out vertex shading and experimented around with the possibilities. The result was this little game. A vertex shader is used to create the curvature of all the sprites in the game. This enabled the game to have a unique feeling and the game code to be very simple since nothing is rotated in-game. The whole level is scrolling left to right, no rotation involved what so ever.

Download game (PC)

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