Night Terrors

Role(s): Programmer,
team leader
Team: 9 people
Project time: 2 weeks
Platform: VR – Oculus Rift
Engine: Unreal
Languages: Blueprint scripting
  • Lead the team trough poroduction as team leader and scrum master
  • Worked scripter implementing player movement and progression in blueprint. Also implemented a phsyics based interaction system.

Night Terrors is a horror puzzle game for VR platforms. The player experiences the imaginative horrors of a child through its eyes. Everything is bigger, darker and a bit scarier when you’re a kid being up at night. The goal of the game is to light your way to your parents’ bedroom without touching the darkness around you.

This was the second game project at Future Games. Developed for the Oculus Rift VR headset. We really had to work a lot for this project since VR was a new platform for everybody. WE needed to figure out everything from basic, from menu systems, to player movement to gameplay features. We also tried to create an experience you could only experience in VR. To transform adults to see the world from the eyes of a child.