My name is Simon Engqvist and this is the first entry to my development blog. I’m a game designer and scripter in learning and I attend Future Games program for game design. Before that I worked as a programmer and IT consultant for four years.

Right now at school we are doing the second of three planned game projects. The first one was a two-week project and you can read about the result of my group’s work in my portfolio. For this second project, we just finished two-week pre-production and are going into a four-week production phase.

The theme for the second project is virtual reality, with the Oculus Rift headset and touch controllers using Unreal Engine. It’s a very exciting and challenging theme that will require a lot of everyone in the groups. My group have decided to make an atmospheric horror escape room game where you play as a scared pre-schooler trying to escape from the monster in the closet. These following weeks I will try to post some development diaries with implementation examples and thoughts about the development process of the game. The first post that I will post shortly will be about my system for picking up items and props to use them and interact with them. Please stay tuned.

Best regards!