Level designer


CTF-HighCastle is a capture the flag level for Unreal Tournament, for 6-10 players, set in a castle build on top of a mountain ridge top. The players will jump over between towers  rises themselves above the clouds and fight in the collapsing ruins of the abandoned castle.

The Core concept of this level is height and the thrill of jumping over endless depths. Usage of jump boots and the translocator is essential for moving and navigating around in the collapsing ruins of the mountain castle.


The level is heavily inspired by the castles on the mountains of the Rhineland in Germany and the ruin castles of Scotland.


The Blue and Red flag rooms are on opposite side of the maps towards each other. Right in front of them are the forward defending area that has an overview of the middle area as well as the alternative routes, the open courtyard path to the right from the base and the high-risk tower path on the left.


The flag rooms for each team is higher up than the rest of the level. The players will first go downwards towards the middle when exiting theirs side of the level and then go upwards towards the other team base. This helps navigation of the level since going upwards always means you are going towards a base and downwards means that you are moving towards the middle.


Each teams half of the level is color coded with that team’s color by the use of flags, lights, materials, and props. Seeing a team’s color means that you are in their half of the level or moving towards their base.

Weapons and items

The level has close and mid-range weapons. The level is open and there are many good overview spots. The usage of mid-range weapons forces the players to come closer and be more mobile in firefights.

Since jumping over deapths is a core concept of the level, jump boots are easily available in the middle of the map and on other spots of the map.


  • Flak Cannon
  • Link Gun
  • Stinger Minigun
  • Rocket launcher
  • Shock Rifle


  • Jump boots
  • Health vial
  • Medium Healthpack
  • Thigh Pads
  • Damage amplifier


Key areas

The level consists of a number of key areas that are created to each have a unique feeling and be easily recognizable and easy to call out. Since the map is symmetrical the key area is mirrored on each side of the level.

Flag room

The flag room have multiple entries and exits. The flag sits clearly visible on top of a pillar in the middle of the room. The players will need to climb alongside the walls of the room to reach the pillar making them exposed along when trying to grab the flag.

Forward base

The forward base has a good overview of the middle area and good visibility on the left and right to the alternative paths. But it also leaves the player exposed from all directions making this a good defence spot with some hard-trade offs.

Tower Path

The tower paths require the usage of jump boots or the translocator and are the quickest route to the flag room. But it leaves the player exposed without any cover for the entirety of the path. Jump boots with a short respawn rate are available at the start of the path. This makes the path a little more unavailable while the jump boots recharges and therefore restricts the number of players that can use that path and how often.


The courtyard path is an open area with lots of cover but also open stretches. This area have lots of extra health and armor drawing other players from the other areas towards this when they have low health to restock.

Middle Area

An open area with a two-level structure in the middle. Players are drawn into the structure by the jump boots that is available on the lower level. The players can reach the upper level with the use of the jump boots or by doing a series of jumps from the tower path. Above the upper level,  there is damge aplifier only reachable by jump boots. 


There are multiple possible attack routes to reach the flag room and try to escape. These paths can be chained together to by players when trying to reach the flag or escape with it. It creates multiple opportunities to avoid or cut off other players and enforces map knowledge and quick decision making.